Watch the Tulisa sex tape

You can now see the Watch Tulisa sextape video for free online. Tulisa Contostavlos has publicly stated in a very YouTube video she IS the girl in a sex tape that has been doing the rounds online. There’s been much speculation around the raunchy footage – which shows a blonde woman, now became Tulisa, providing oral sex to an not known man – with fellow N-Dubz star and cousin Dappy seemingly stating on Twitter that it was Contostavlos’ ex-boyfriend, Fazer.

Despite the fact that Fazer announced a vow of silence around the matter, it was thought that Dappy’s account was hacked along with the tweets sent were actually fake – leaving the man’s identity unknown…as yet! Yesterday (21st March) The X Factor judge latched onto Twitter to deal with the sex tape rumours, posting one of the links to her video confession along with the tweet: ” The reality regarding the tape.”

In the clip, Tulisa is seen with your ex now brunette hair scrapped back from her face, as she identifies the man starring along with her inside the sex tape is actually her former lover Justin Edwards a.k.a MC Ultra. The 23-year old said: “I wished to set the record straight over a certain tape circulating online, that contains footage of me and my ex-boyfriend using an intimate moment,

“I have never been the type by sitting whilst my mouth shut, and keep quiet about anything, particularly when I conducted nothing wrong whatsoever.” Providing strength to an image of her ex for the camera, Tulisa continued: “This could be the person, Justin Edwards aka Ultra, who is my ex-boyfriend, containing place it online, who’s your partner around the tape. “Justin is someone I had been seeing from the age of 17 on and off for quite some time. By the time I became 19, i was together for any year and a half, I practically moved in with him and i also loved him deeply. We discussed marriage, we brought up kids.”

She proceeded to show she knew Edwards was threatening to produce the sex tape online, explaining: “Six months ago, I obtained a phone call from the mutual friend proclaiming that apparently she has footage of me, that he’s been threatening to create it to ruin my career. “I confronted him, he lied about it. And if you have today and also the footage is circulating online.

“As you can imagine, I’m devastated, heartbroken. When you share a romantic moment with someone that you love and value and trust, you won’t ever suppose footage is going to be distributed to the entire world.”

Speaking of why she chose to come clean regarding the sex tape, the I Need You singer stated: “I don’t think that I should be the anyone to take heat or stick. That is something he took upon himself to put online. He’s now relaxing in silence, saying it’s not him for the Watch the Tulisa sex tape, when it’s. “I are actually deeply betrayed by him. This is something I’ve had to take care of, you’ll find nothing I will do regarding it, however do think that I ought to share my side from the story.”

The Female Boss concluded: “When you judge someone, it doesn’t define the individual you’re judging, it defines you.” Winding up her video message, Tulisa thanked her followers for support, adding: “Lots of affection to my fans, I apologise to anybody that it’s offended. I know for a fact it will not happen again.”

Since Contostavlos’ shock confession, Edwards has hit Twitter to write down: “I rely on silence as a indication of Integrity in this situation I reckon that I’ll have to speak up and Construct the important points and let you guys decide.” He has previously denied all expertise in the sex tape, tweeting on 19th March: “I didn’t wanna say anything on the subject but I see peoples imagination running away.. it’s not even attempt to do with me.#backtowork

“Keepin my twitter quiet outta respect to get a certain someone not one other reason than that.” Tulisa has since got a new gagging order through the High Court, preventing anyone by using, publishing, communicating or disclosing on a vacation person, any any section in the raunchy film. Tulisa tonight sensationally admitted she Is at a sex tape circulating online, saying “it’s out now, you’ll find nothing I can do about it.”

In a very five-minute video clip to her fans posted online, the X Factor judge said she was “devastated, heartbroken, visited bits for the last few days” after the tape emerged. The singer, who also apologised for any offence caused, has obtained an injunction banning anyone while using, publishing or communicating or disclosing any any part of the film.

However, the first sort N-Dubz singer, 23, tonight admitted the footage does show her as well as an “ex-boyfriend within an intimate moment”. The seven-minute sex tape, which was circulated yesterday, shows the singer using a sex act on a male. Tonight she named him as ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards, aka old skool garage DJ Ultra, although she has previously denied being the man about the video and then for being to blame for the leak. Tulisa said: “I would certainly want to input it around until this is the person Justin Edwards aka Ultra, that’s my ex-boyfriend which has input it on the web and who is your lover inside tape.

“Justin was someone I had been seeing through the day of 17 on and off for many years. Tulisa admits she had made the sex tape with ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards aka MC Ultra Heartbroken: Tulisa says she’s been in bits going back day or two.

She added: “I loved him deeply, had a lot of respect for him, we discussed kids, we talked about marriage. It was someone I loved and respected but happened to be not far from… i never expected a predicament this way.” Tulisa claimed she was told by friends few months ago that Edwards was threatening to produce the tape.

She said: “This isn’t unexpected to me, about 6 months ago I got a phone call from the large amount of mutual friends and those that know me and him, saying apparently she has this footage of me that he’s been threatening to bring out for reasons uknown, whether it’s to earn money in order to ruin my career. “I confronted him for this situation, he lied over it, he completely denied it and here i am today. The footage has become circulating online. As you can imagine I’m devastated, heartbroken. I’ve been in bits within the past day or two.

“When you share an enchanting moment with someone that you love and you care about and trust you never think about it for 60 seconds or so that that footage may at any point be distributed to other UK or perhaps people around the world.

Telly’s X Factor judge, 23, flashes her cleavage as she frolics with pals on holiday – in a raunchy pop video. At some part in scenes on her new single she even bends over seductively to lick up spilt soft ice cream.

Another hot encounter sees her tie a person with a bed – and write on his bare chest. The video emerged just hours after X Factor supremo Simon Cowell insisted the first sort N-Dubz singer’s job around the ITV1 show was safe despite the scandal in the leaked six-minute tape showing her conducting a sex act. He branded whoever posted it on the internet a “scumbag”.